Michele Matt VFX Demo Reel 2013


Video Breakdown

  1. ATT: 3D tracking.

  2. Syfy Motoczysz: Tracking and Compositing

  3. O2: Tracking and Compositing

  4. The Love Guru: 3D tracking of camera move. Compositing.

  5. Canon: 2D and 3D Tracking for lens and screen replacement. Compositing.

  6. It’s Kind of a Funny Story: 3D tracking of camera.

  7. Airmiles “Elvis”: 3D Tracking for bobble head face replacement.

  8. Airmiles “Spain”: 3D Tracking for painting replacement.

  9. Shaw Flooring: Tracking.

  10. FORD: 3D tracking for sky replacement and car stablization. Compositing.

  11. TRUTH: 2D and 3D tracking, Compositing.

  12. ATT: 3D tracking.

tracking, compositing, vfx, motion graphics